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Hylian-Dreams has started a donation pool!
4 / 3,000
Any donations, tips, or points for commissions can be placed in this little box here.

Below are the prices for my COMMISSIONS. These are unbelievable cheap, anyone who doesn't ask for 500:points: by Kawiku or more is selling them cheap. Lots of time goes into commisions.

To ensure that Digital art has no lines (and is thus a little extra detailed) add + 5:points: by Kawiku per character

Background on Digital +10 :points: by Kawiku

Transparent Background on Digital +5 :points: by Kawiku (Because it eat's up my internet it takes so long to upload)

Headshots: Traditional*/Digital for 10 :points: by Kawiku + 5 :points: by Kawiku per character

Full Body: Traditional*/Digital 20 :points: by Kawiku + 10 :points: by Kawiku per character

Reference sheets: Digital Only 30 :points: by Kawiku

*Traditional will not be colored, but will be shaded
*Traditional pieces generally take me longer

I DO REQUESTS FOR FREE but they will not be shaded, will have simple/solid backgrounds, and will have outlines.

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Hylian-Dreams's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

You never stop figuring out who you are. You never stop learning, you never stop growing.

Stop and look, what have you done? What are you doing? Do you like what you see? If you do, then nurture it, if you don't, then change it.

Forgive everyone, but never forget, apologize for everything you have ever done wrong and everyone you have wronged, but never regret it happening. That person who wronged you shaped you, that thing you did shaped you. The action may have been bad, but once forgiven it will turn you into something great.

You may not be someone your family will accept, but find the friends that accept you, that special person who will never leave you, and nothing else matters.

CHRISTIAN stamp by Kitera-kun I love techno stamp by ewotion

Be the kind of person you want to be around, do the kind of things your hero would take pride in.


Serval Stamp by ShatteredApocalypse Caracal stamp by Aquene-lupetta I love Jackals by WishmasterAlchemist I love Coyotes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Black Panthers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Snow Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist I love Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist


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Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda by CloverWingFree running Wolf Link icon by Celestial-BiohazardMajora's Mask Icon by CloverWing Link Free Icon by whispwill Free Icon: TP Link by MzMegs Free Icon: Skyward Link by MzMegs Animated Link by FieryCharry
I am a Communications Design major, I am in my Junior year but this is my first year as this major. I might be here a while!

My inspirations come from my mother and grandmother who both do their own sort of thing. My grandmother is self-taught and her abstracts I love. My mother has some education in art and I personally love her portraits and pottery. The reason I got a DA and first got interested in Digital art was a user on here, who is no longer a friend but I own getting started to her.

Sometimes I just can't think of anything to do, or I am very overworked. Recently I haven't been able to get online or post anything to my DA in a while. If it wasn't for my boyfriend, :icondragonslastvow:, I don't think I could handle trying to cram all the art classes possible in one semester.

[Free] Goddess Stones/ Pearls Icon Set by RevPixy

nintendo gamer stamp by crazysistahs
I am a gamer, a geek, I love Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Nintendo in general.
I will play some x-box and Play-station games too but I am much pickier on other systems. Nintendo freak - free icon by indigojelly I also like some anime, a LOT but I don't usually watch much tv now. I am seriously obsessed with VRMMORPG based Animes like Sword Art Online.

Kirito Stamp by klll100 SAO logo by HaruStamps Asuna Yuuki Stamp by sweetnandy

I own four Ocarinas but one doesn't play right anymore and I want to save up for a Link cos-play. :iconootplz:

MLP: Twilight Sparkle stamp by DivineSpiritual

I am a SORORITY GIRL, the Secretary of Sigma Phi Lambda on my campus.
I own several guilds on gaia-online, so look up Hylian Dreams if you have a gaia!

:iconshadowhunterdarkwolf: will be my roomie next year, at the moment she doesn't get to do much art and post it :(

:icontwiprilinkplz: :iconassassinscreedplz:

Dont do DRUGS - do ART by sanguisGelidus OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Fan-Made Warrior Cats Stamp by VampsStock
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Watching: Tommy play PS2
  • Eating: Dark Chocolate with Rosemary
Stolen from :iconsaia-nara:

[X] you meow/bark to get attention
[X] you find pets toys amusing
[/] you get hyper by the smell of catnip
[X] you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food
[X] you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you
[/] you purr/shake your leg when someone shows you affection
[/] if someone tosses a ball, you chase it and brings it back
Total: 5.5

[X] you love to be scratched behind the ear 
[X] you love fish/meat
[X] you like to stick your head out through the window of a moving car.
[X] people pet your head 
[/] people can make you stop doing stuff by hitting you on the nose with a newspaper 
[/] you think feathers are fun to play with
Total: 5

[X] you sleep a lot during daytime.
[X] you enjoy scaring birds
[/] you lick peoples faces to show you like them 
[/] you bite people if they annoy you
[X] you tend to steal food from your friends/family's plate when you have eaten all of yours
[X] milk or water is your favorite drink
Total: 5

[/]you own a collar and you enjoy wearing it (don't own but want)
[ ] you own a leash and enjoy wearing it 
[X] you own animal ears/tail/paws or a fursuit
[X] you enjoy long walks in the park
[X] you meow/bark when you see something you want
Total: 3.5

[X] you call your hands and feet "paws"
[X] you tilt your head when you do not understand what someone is talking about
[  ] you run to the door when someone mentions a walk 
[X] you really enjoy cuddling
[X] you stretch your body and whimper a bit every morning when you wake up
[X] you can wake up and go back to sleep right away after looking around
Total: 5

[X] you have your favorite spot besides your bed where you like to sleep
[X] you meow or bark very often
[X] you hide when you get scared
[X] you run to the door to see who it is every time someone comes in to the house
[X] you like to chase flying insects and try to catch them with your bare hand
[X] you tend to chew on stuff a lot
[  ] you like to do tricks to get a treat (no treats no tricks)
Total: 6

[X] you own a wearable item/tag with your name on it  
[X] you refer to yourself as an animal  
[  ] your username has something to do with animals
[  ] your e-mail has something to do with animals 
[X] if you get a bleeding wound, you lick it to make it feel better (I was taught to do that)
[X] you look for edible stuff often
Total: 4

[X] you often find yourself looking through the window for a long time
[/] you like to say hi to strangers
[/] you like to be petted (depends, only by nice people or people I know well)
[/] people think you act like a pet
[X] you growl/hiss at stuff you do not like
[  ] you like to eat grass (I use to!)
[x] if you get wet, you shake to get rid of the water
Total: 4.5

Final Total: 38

Take your score and multiply it by 2 
Put your title as "I'm % Furry"

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I absolutely love the things people can do with repainting, you inspire me to find my old ugly dolls and fix them <3
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Pretty good considering all my friend drama, and still having this same icon *shifty eyes* that's the CUTEST icon yet!

Summer is sooo close to ending, next week I have a wedding to attend and the week after I have my missions trip
Himaru-kun Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's good outside of that. Same icons are good. Thank you!

Dang, that sucks, summer ends so early! The wedding sounds fun. What's a mission trip?
Hylian-Dreams Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It is when a group of people, usually a church group or bible study, in my case it is my bible study group, go somewhere to help out in the community or with a local non-profit business or something of the sort to help witness to other people through doing good deeds and helping others.

We are going to Louisiana to help out at a christian teen night club with whatever tasks they have for us, and to talk with and help the teens that come there. 
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